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15:33 13th May 2013

by @OfficialQPR

Clint reflects on his second consecutive Player of the Year award ...

CLINT HILL was named Supporters’ Player of the Year at the weekend, and while he was grateful for the accolade, he admitted to that he was also a little embarrassed to be picking up the award.

The R’s captain, who was also named Player of the Year by the R’s faithful last season, said: “I’m very proud but also a bit embarrassed if I’m perfectly honest because of the season we’ve had. 

“In a couple of years I’ll look back (on winning this award) and it’ll be great.

“It’s been a very disappointing season for the team and as much as I appreciate this, I’d much rather us stay in the Premier League than pick up individual awards.”

The 34-year-old is his own fiercest critic and you’ll struggle to find a more self-deprecating footballer plying his trade in the top flight of English football.

“I’ve made a few mistakes over the last couple of months, individual mistakes that I’ve been disappointed with,” he said, “but, on a personal level, to play 50 league games in the Premier League for someone of my age and ability is brilliant. 

“In a few years I’ll look back and be very, very proud but at the minute it’s still a sore point really.”

Asked to expand on his assertion that he has done well for a player of “his ability,” Hill explained: “Well, I’m not quick, I’m not skilful, I’m not the kind of player that stands out from the bunch. I’ve done well. I’ve had a lot of injuries so to (first) play in the Premier League at 33 and keep some good players out of the team is a massive bonus for me.”

Hill’s back-to-back awards are testament to the appreciation the R’s fans have for players that give their all in the blue and white hoops.

Hill, however, has another view on it.

“It could be that – or we’ve been really, really bad!” he said. “You can look at it both ways. I’ve never stopped giving everything but if we’re blunt and honest, it’s been a terrible season. I don’t think there are many players that can say they’ve had good seasons.”

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