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08:45 16th June 2017


Academy link up with football technology company

Queens Park Rangers Football Club are pleased to announce a training partnership with the football technology company, TOCA Football Inc.
TOCA was founded in 2012 by former US international, Eddie Lewis, who spent eight years playing in England for Fulham, Preston North End, Leeds United and Derby County.

After finishing his 15-year professional career, Lewis spent the next four years developing a technology platform for elite football training.

Since the official public release of the TOCA Training product in December 2016, it has quickly become a leading supplementary training system in the United States.

TOCA Training employs a smart phone controlled ball machine, the TOCA Touch Trainer, which precisely delivers custom-designed training balls at specified speeds, locations, and trajectories for an accelerated training experience.

A player can receive more than 10-games’ worth of focused touches in an hour. TOCA Training is directed by the TOCA App, which records and displays personalised training data for each user.

TOCA Training has been shown to significantly accelerate technical development and speed safer injury rehabilitation.

QPR will immediately begin to integrate TOCA into its Academy training programs and commercial activities.

QPR’s Technical Director, Chris Ramsey, told “We’re really looking forward to using the TOCA product in the Academy.

“We’ve trialed the product and we’ve been pleased with what we’ve seen so far, so it’s an exciting option for us to use with the players going forward.”

Eddie Lewis, Founder and President of TOCA Football Inc, added:  “We are excited to bring TOCA to the UK and are looking forward to working with QPR’s experienced training staff and strong tradition of developing talent.”

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About TOCA Football Inc.: 

Headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, USA, TOCA Football Inc. is a football technology company established in 2012 by former US National Team Member and 15-year international professional football veteran, Eddie Lewis. TOCA publically released the TOCA Touch Trainer system in December of 2016. The TOCA Touch Trainer is a football ball delivery machine that utilizes customized training balls and collaborates with the TOCA Training App. With the TOCA Training App, the user can control each ball’s delivery location, trajectory and speed giving the user the ability to recreate realistic football conditions in a small environment. TOCA delivers 10-games’ worth of quality touches within an hour, all while tracking individual user data for quantifiable results. While the TOCA Touch Trainer was developed for elite athletes, it is a popular choice for injury rehabilitation and creates a fun experience for all levels of players.

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