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PL Works
This is a programme for the 16–24 year olds who are not in education, employment or training (NEET). The programme focusses on developing the skills required for employment that many young people don’t have the opportunity to practice. The programme involves qualifications, life skills workshops and mentoring as well as the opportunity to network and meet with local employers. Young people have the opportunity to use the stadium as a hub and support from staff to take ownership of their own future and fulfil their potential.

Armed Forces
This programme was originally funded by the Royal British Legion and allowed us to engage with men and women who have recently left the armed forces or are due to leave. This programme includes regular physical activity in the form of sports and football sessions. Off the back of this we will create a five-a-side team to compete in a local league. Participants are given the opportunity to re-train in a field of their choice as well as get the mentoring and emotional support they need to sustain their transition into civilian life.

QPR Works
This is a life-skills programme for people with learning difficulties and cognitive impairments. Participants are given the opportunity to develop independent living skills through the use of life skills workshops and qualifications. Participants practice their literacy and numeracy skills in the study centre and have the opportunity to become more confident through the use of a range of activities designed to develop their confidence and communication skills.

For more information contact Jack Kelley on [email protected].