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Become an Official QPR Fan Group

DO you run your own QPR supporters’ group outside of the UK? If so, the club would like to officially recognise your support.

Since the scheme launched, 26 groups from all corners of the globe have become officially recognised by the club. Their growth has been great to see, and we’d love to add further groups.

To qualify for 2017/18 official recognition, you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • The fan group must have a minimum of 5 members and at least 2 e-mail addresses must be provided to the club for communication purposes.
  • The fan group must have a nominated secretary who is the point of contact to liaise with QPR.
  • Have a presence on at least one social or digital media channel (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Website)
  • Communicate with your members at least once a week during the season, and share the clubs communications when appropriate.
  • Host at least three meet ups during the 2017/18 season open to all QPR fans in your area
    Regularly provide content to the club via email (e.g. photos of meet ups) in order for us to promote your activities.
  • Agreement to import all members’ data to QPR’s data collection site on request.
  • Not be profit-making, with QPR reserving the right to audit accounts and view bank statements upon request.
  • All members must live within the city/region of their fan group.
  • Refrain from doing anything that could be deemed damaging to QPR.
  • Actively promote and seek new members for your group.

In return, officially recognised supporters’ clubs will receive:

  • An ‘Officially recognised by QPR 2017/18’ logo next to your group’s name on the QPR fan group map, and use of this for social and digital media
  • A certificate from QPR
  • A contact at the club to answer queries about group ticket bookings and other topics.
  • QPR will share fan group content on its social channels from time-to-time which could be used to promote meet ups.
  • The club will occasionally promote the fan group to fans in their area through the club’s database
  • Exclusive non-matchday behind the scenes tour of Loftus Road stadium to coincide with your trip to London a maximum of once per season confirmed by the group secretary.
  • A guide document provided by the club detailing basic instructions on starting up a fan group, running events, how to grow social media presence and how your group can attend matches at Loftus Road.
  • Access through your group admin to home league tickets prior to general on sale for group bookings of 15 or more people.
  • A prize dependent on total number of members and exclusive offers during the season.

To join our network of officially recognised international supporters’ clubs, please email your club’s name, your contact details (if you’re happy for us to publish them), country and a link to your social and digital channels to [email protected].

We recognise that many cities and countries around the world have more than one supporters’ club, so we do not impose a limit on the number of officially recognised supporters’ clubs that can exist in an area; instead we wish to reward all supporters’ clubs that actively promote the club around the world.

As such, we ask fans not refer to their club as “The Official QPR Supporters’ Club of…”.

In addition, you should choose a unique name that is clearly different from the other established clubs on the Fan Group Map.