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Holloway supporting GB Deaf Women’s footballer

IAN Holloway has urged football fans to help GB Deaf Women’s footballer Claire Stancliffe, who is having to fund her own operation after tearing her ACL while representing Great Britain in the Deaflympics in July.

Stancliffe has competed at international level for a decade but needs to raise £10,000 if she is to continue her career.

Holloway, who has three deaf daughters, told “It’s shocking that she has to try to raise this money herself whereas our lads would just get it done and the club sort those things out for them.

“I’m gob-smacked really.”

Stancliffe has so far raised just over half the required amount, and Holloway added: “Hopefully people will see her plight and help her to raise the money she needs so she can continue her career.

“It’s tough enough to be injured in the first place but if you need an operation and you can’t see it happening, that must be awful.”

To help Claire Stancliffe’s fund-raising, click HERE.

Hopefully people will see her plight and help her.

Ian Holloway