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Holloway: Saturday's all about Stan

IAN Holloway has said that Saturday’s match against Bournemouth is about honouring the legend that is Stan Bowles in what will be his final appearance at Loftus Road.

Ollie understands just how much Stan means to everyone associated with QPR but especially the Rangers fans who have idolised the maverick number 10 for many years.

Speaking to Queens Park Rangers matchday programme, The Hoops, Holloway said that the focus of Saturday’s game will revolve around Stan and supporting him through his illness.

He said: “This is an opportunity for us all to pay tribute to Stan, on what will be his final trip to W12. That’s really sad, and it’s because of a cruel illness that’s affected both Stan and his family horrendously. It’s happened to one of our heroes and we want to show Stan our thanks.”

Ollie continued: “Saturday is about Stan, and he will always be an iconic figure for both QPR and football. Stan was a very-special footballer and I want his family to know that’s how we all feel about him.”

Regarding the game, Holloway stated that it’s one last opportunities for him to assess his squad ahead of the season opener against Reading the following week.

The R’s were unbeaten against the Royals last season but lost both friendly matches against the Berkshire side earlier this month and Ollie knows there’s still a lot of hard-work to be put in before the season begins.

“This is also the final chance for me to look at the boys before the start of the new Championship season next weekend,” Holloway explained.

“There’s plenty of unbelievably-hard work going on behind-the-scenes. Things are moving along and I’m delighted with what we’re trying to achieve but we’re not finished yet."

Our visitors Bournemouth have come a long way in a short space of time and now go into their third successive season as a Premier League team.

And R's boss Holloway admitted that he is somewhat jealous of their position, but has his own ambitions for QPR.

“I’m delighted that Bournemouth, Eddie Howe and his fantastic team have agreed to come and play us for the occasion.

“We’re certainly envious of where they are now but I know what an absolute honour I’ve got being here, so let’s set about this season and help our team and our club. Let’s be positive all around the place.”

Saturday is about Stan, and he will always be an iconic figure for both QPR and football.

Ian Holloway