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Kiyan Prince given squad number

KIYAN Prince will be listed as part of the QPR squad for the 2021/22 season.

As the club marks the 15th anniversary of Kiyan’s tragic death, the former academy player has been given the No.30 squad number, acknowledging the age he would have been if he were alive today.

Kiyan was fatally stabbed in 2006 as he tried to break up a fight outside his school. His father Mark Prince set up the Kiyan Prince Foundation in his honour to tackle knife and gun crime.

QPR midfielder Charlie Owens, who currently occupies No.30, has kindly given up his squad number in support of the campaign.

QPR manager Mark Warburton said: “We are all fully aware of Kiyan’s tragic story, and Mark has had to walk a path that no parent should have to walk.

“He has done it with dignity and determination. The way he has dealt with this pain is an inspiration to us all.

“We are fully supportive of the campaign to highlight what has been a life needlessly lost. What Kiyan could have achieved we will never know, and that is such a tragedy.

“I am honoured to see his name in my squad for the 2021/22 season and I hope these efforts raise awareness of the incredible work which continue to be carried out by the Kiyan Prince Foundation.”

QPR CEO Lee Hoos added: “Kiyan Prince will always be part of the QPR story, part of the club’s history.

“It is important we acknowledge key moments, such as the 15th anniversary of his death, to ensure he is never forgotten.

“Kiyan was denied the opportunity to create a legacy but his father has worked tirelessly to do that on his behalf through the Kiyan Prince Foundation.”

To learn more about the Kiyan Prince Foundation click HERE.

We are fully supportive of the campaign to highlight what has been a life needlessly lost.

Mark Warburton