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#LoftusRoad100 - The Hoops Wall

WHAT better way than to celebrate 100 years of history at Loftus Road than having your own personalised tile in the ‘Hoops Wall’?

QPR is creating a special mural with a feature image celebrating 100 years of history at our famous stadium, whereby fans can purchase their own individual porcelain tile, including name and personalised message.

Each Hoops Tile will have the QPR logo on and up to three lines of 18 characters for your personalised message, be it a dedication, show of support or remembrance note, for example.

Situated in a place of honour on the wall adjacent to the QPR Superstore, there are only limited spaces available, so ‘Hoops Wall’ tiles will be placed on a first-come, first-served basis, starting with those in closest proximity to the main 100 years celebratory image.

Not only will you have your own personalised tile in the ‘Hoops Wall’, but also a replica keepsake for your home. QPR will also be keeping a reserve set of tiles in storage.

Priced £100+VAT (and delivery), you can purchase now by clicking HERE or by visiting the QPR Superstore!

An ideal gift for a friend, colleague, fellow-supporter or loved one, as well as a celebration of ‘R’ history and ‘R’ future … don’t delay, purchase today!

What is the Hoops Tile?

A high-quality porcelain tile, measuring 150mm x 150mm x 8mm, made with ultra-high colour technology UV, guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years.