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Luke Freeman reacts to a difficult afternoon

WINGER Luke Freeman has spoken about the R’s frustrating afternoon against Huddersfield Town.

The QPR new signing bagged his first goal in the 60th minute in response to Huddersfield’s first half double. However this wasn’t enough to secure the R’s any points on the day.

QPR had numerous chances to pull the game back to 2-2, however they were denied by a few stunning saves by the Huddersfield goalkeeper Danny Ward.

“It’s a positive thing for me, but for the team it’s a negative we’re not at least picking up a draw that we thought we deserved.” Freeman told

“We cancelled a lot of their players out; it wasn’t like they were causing us a lot of problems. Unfortunately they had two shots and two opportunities and they took them. So it was difficult to accept. We should have at least nicked a draw.

“The most important thing is the points. I do think the better you play the more chance you have of winning. I think if you look at our last few games we’ve been very good, but we just haven’t got that luck and you need that in football. I think if you look at how we’re playing it’s just a matter of time before things go our way.”

A disappointing result has left QPR five points above the relegation places; however with a lot of new comers in the January transfer window, the current squad is still looking very positive.

The former Bristol City wide man is one of four signings to be brought in last month, and he believes the squad is still very positive, but needs time.

“There were obviously lots of ins and outs so it’s going to take some time. But I think myself, I’ve been here for just under a couple of weeks and it’s definitely bonding as a team that may take a little bit of time.”

He continued: “It’s not an easy thing for a big team to know everyone and how they play personally and what they prefer. I do think it will be this season, but in the long run next season as well.”

Freeman was also very grateful at the manager Ian Holloway for helping him settle and giving him a chance.

“He has been absolutely brilliant with me. He’s given me all the confidence in the world which a player like me is all you want.”

With a full week back at Harlington before QPR play Birmingham away, there will be a real focus at the training ground to try and turn the bad fortune at the weekend into three points when the R’s visit the midlands next Saturday.

“It’s back to the drawing board, to see where we can improve and where we can do better. We’re looking forward to the game.”

It’s back to the drawing board, to see where we can improve and where we can do better.

Luke Freeman