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Ollie sets up players’ committee

IAN Holloway has empowered the QPR players to be part of the decision-making progress by forming a players’ committee.

There are six players on the committee, and Holloway is keen to add a seventh member.

Nedum Onuoha, James Perch, Jamie Mackie, Matt Smith, Alex Smithies and Ryan Manning are charged with the task of discussing matters with the gaffer – be it disciplinary or training-related – and helping spread the message within the dressing room.

“We have got a committee now who are actively involved in what we do and how we do it,” Holloway told “I want their input.

“There are six members at the minute, and I will soon be increasing that to seven. I want it to be an odd number so that when they vote on something, there’s a clear decision from them when I need it.

“Other times, I will explain my decisions over certain matters to them, and they will go out and explain to the rest of the group. They will take on responsibility for that.

“If there’s an issue, for instance a disciplinary matter, I will have that group in and explain what needs to be done and why it needs to be done. They can then explain my reasons for the decision I’ve made.

“This helps the dressing room to run itself, to govern itself. I want them to be part of what I’m trying to build here.”

Holloway also wants his squad to demand more from each other – and not be afraid to speak up for the benefit of the team.

“When I came here as a player, I felt we got better as a team when we demanded more from each other,” he explained.

“I didn’t care that Roy Wegerle was a wonderful passer and player. When he gave it away, he should be working harder to get it back. And that’s what I told him! Why should I work harder than one of my team-mates? That’s not right, is it? We should all work as hard as we can.

“And that’s what I want the players to do here now, be demanding of each other, have expectations.

“I did something similar at Blackpool – in the end, the dressing room ran itself and managed itself. If we had a lazy player, the lads would pull him, and let him know it wasn’t acceptable. At the end of the day, we are all striving to be the best we can be.

“I want to create a culture that is self-perpetuating, and that’s something they can all be part of.”

I want to create a culture that is self-perpetuating, and that’s something they can all be part of.

Ian Holloway