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Breaking News

QPR launch digital collectibles

QPR are delighted to announce the launch of QPR digital collectibles.

These will be hosted on Quidd.

Quidd is a marketplace to buy, sell, and hold officially-licensed, limited-edition digital collectibles. It’s a little like eBay, but opposed to buying and selling pieces of cardboard (and having to pick, pack, insure, put them in the post, receive, and store them), all collectibles are 100% digital. Your collection sits on a server in the cloud - no storage required.

If you read below and want to participate, all QPR drops happen in the Quidd app, available for free on iOS and Android. Just look up 'Quidd' in the App Store or Google Play Store. 

It’s an image on a computer, so what?

True. But so is digital currency in your banking app. Just because it’s digital doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable.  

Here’s why we think QPR digital collectibles on Quidd are special:

  • Officially-licensed. All digital collectibles available on Quidd are officially-licensed. This means they are hand-picked, blessed, and approved by the club. And as a result, not a lot of them exist
  • Individually-serialised. Each digital collectible is stamped with an individual serial number. No two are alike, and two collectors cannot own the same copy
  • Limited edition, fixed supply. Only a certain number of them will be digital printed, ever. Not only is each one unique thanks to the serial number, but not a lot of the items will be made
  • Rip packs & complete sets. Each digital collectible on Quidd - including those featuring the R’s - are released in sets and sold in packs, randomising who gets the good stuff and creating a fun little game to complete your QPR Album. Who doesn’t like opening packs?
  • Cash. Out. Digital collectibles are a lot like their cardboard cousins. You can buy them for cash. You can hold them. Or you can sell them for cash, and yes, cash out by connecting a verified PayPal account to your Quidd account*. This isn’t a mobile game. It’s collecting, only digital
  • The easiest way to get your first NFT: Heard of these things called NFTs? Us too. NFT stands for non-fungible token, and it’s a whole new way to own something digital. Like actually own it, potentially forever

Let’s talk more about NFTs

NFTs are changing the way we own stuff, and since collecting is, well, about owning stuff, NFTs are changing how we collect. 

With Quidd, we recognise not everyone is a crypto-native. This may even be the first time you’ve heard the term NFT! But, don’t forget, Quidd has you covered.

On Quidd, you can collect digital trading cards of your favourite players, and all you need is an email address to get started. So, download Quidd from the App Store or Google Play and create an account using your email address (in 60 seconds or less), and you’re ready to begin collecting. 

If you buy something you like and it’s a 'mintable', we’ll help you mint it as an NFT to the blockchain. Basically, if you own a valuable digital collectible featuring your favourite QPR player on Quidd, you can hold it, sell it for cash and cash out via PayPal, or convert it to an NFT - and for that last step, we’ll help you set up a crypto wallet to get started.

If you’ve ever wondered about NFTs, starting your digital collection on Quidd is a great way to try it out and get started.

Really, what is Quidd?

For the last five years, Quidd has been entrusted by some of the biggest names in pop culture, media and entertainment, and sports - including Disney, Game Of Thrones and the NBA - to turn their world-class brands into fan-friendly digital collectibles. There is a lot to collect on Quidd, and we think that QPR is in good company.   

This drop is special.

'Firsts' are always a big deal in collectibles, and this certainly proves to be a first in a number of categories. Here are some firsts:

  • First football collectibles on Quidd. Baseball, sure. Basketball, yep. Football? The first
  • First sport collectibles licensed and made by Quidd

In addition to 'firsts', this drop is special for a few other reasons:

  • All items are mintables and can be minted to Ethereum very soon. For the new-to-crypto crowd, if you get a good item and want to mint it as an NFT, we’ll handhold you through the process, starting in January
  • All items are thoughtfully-researched with attractive designs to showcase amazing athletes; sport collectibles are unique, and our designers want to show you what they can do with this subject matter
  • All items and sets are released in our new 'season' format, providing a fun, limited-time 'collecting sprint' with rewards doled out at the end of the season schedule. More details on this below

This drop represents an opportunity to bring club supporters and genuine fans - even those that might be sceptical about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the blockchain - into the world of digital collecting in a fun and inexpensive way. 

Moreover, since all digital collectibles are sold off-chain first, collectors only need to set up a crypto wallet AFTER they get an item they like and decide to mint it as an NFT. If fans and collectors don’t want to make it an NFT, they don’t have to. But if they do, we’re ready for you.  

Queens Park Rangers, Season 1

Here is how the collecting season on Quidd will work.

The basics

  • Season title: Queens Park Rangers 2021/22
  • Season starts: Friday 17th December 2021
  • Season end: Friday 24th December 2021

Supply details

  • Release dates: Friday 17th December 2021; Saturday 18th December 2021; Sunday 19th December 2021; Tuesday 21st December 2021; Wednesday 22nd December 2021
  • Release times: all drops start at 2pm ET / 7pm GMT
  • Insert sets:
  • Award sets: 5 autograph sets
  • Mega award sets: 1 award set given to the top-10 rank based on channel score for the whole season at 12pm ET on December 24th 2021
  • Print count: 5,000 maximum (no item will be printed more than 5,000 times)
  • Re-editioning: None (there will be no second editions)
  • Mintables: 100% of items are mintable, initially to Ethereum
  • Overall Rank Bonus (ORB): The collector that ranks #1 based on channel score for the whole season at 12pm ET on December 24th will receive a cash bonus, including: $5,000 bonus in cash**; additional bonus equal to total aftermarket sales for the season**


That’s it! Thank you QPR fans for being here, and thanks for collecting on Quidd.

For further details click HERE!

*Withdrawals are subject to certain restrictions, including age of account, source of cash wallet funds, and withdrawal minimums

**Cash bonuses distributed as non-withdrawable store credits