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Watch Bournemouth online and support Stan

QPR complete their pre-season campaign with a special friendly against Premier League side Bournemouth on Saturday.

The R’s host the Cherries at Loftus Road (3pm) as they commemorate their greatest ever player, Stan Bowles.

The benefit fixture, which is aimed at raising funds for the newly launched No. 10 Foundation of which Stan will be the first beneficiary, will help fund Bowles ongoing care after being diagnosed with Alzheimers.

QPR+ has been streaming all of the R’s pre-season friendlies this summer and will once again be live from Loftus Road this weekend.

A QPR+ Pass* matchday ticket is now on sale for £3.99 and all proceeds from matchday passes against Bournemouth will now be donated to the the No. 10 Foundation. That means if you can’t be in W12 this weekend then you can still watch the match live and also help Stan!

The match will also see the first outing of our new commentary duo, FIFA and Sky Sports commentator Nick London and QPR Club Ambassador Andy Sinton.

To subscribe to Saturday’s match simply click HERE and purchase the matchday pass for just £3.99 at the bottom of the page.

*Please note a QPR+ Pass season pass does not provide you with access to our pre-season fixtures. You will need to subscribe to the pre-season pass or individual matches in addition.