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Breaking News

What’s happened to the floodlights?

WE have received a number of queries regarding the floodlights at Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium since the start of the season.

Some supporters believe the lighting on the pitch is not as bright as it previously was. In actual fact, the brightness has significantly increased in all areas after the club undertook upgrades on our floodlights during the close season.

Each season the club must report its average lighting levels across the pitch to the EFL and local authority. These had fallen below the minimum accepted level during the 2020/21 campaign, resulting in the summer upgrade.

Following the work, our average lighting levels now far exceed the requirements of clubs in the Championship. Every single area of the pitch is now brighter than it was during 2020/21.

The pitch is split into 88 areas on a grid system. The average Lux Value across these areas must be 800. The average Lux Value at Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium had fallen to 708.1. Following the upgrade, the average Lux Value is now 1454.

However, we do recognise that some areas of the pitch appear darker. This is due to the new lighting being much more focussed which means the light doesn’t spread as it did previously. As a result, some areas of the pitch appear darker next to brighter spots.

The contractors who installed the system are examining modifications which can be made and hope to have this resolved ahead of our home fixture with Luton Town on 19th November.

What about the PA system? I can’t hear anything!

Every season the club hires an independent contractor to assess the PA system. During the summer of 2021, the report concluded that the PA system was working as required, although two speakers were identified for replacement.

The speakers were subsequently replaced but once the season started it quickly became apparent that the PA system was not operating as required, specifically in the Loft Stand.

Further investigation concluded that the ageing cabling system had degraded beyond repair and requires a complete overhaul.

The club are now working with a number of contractors to identify potential new systems to install.

Please be assured that while music and on-pitch announcements are difficult to hear, the safety PA system operates independently. Therefore, any safety messages will be clearly audible if they are required.