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Premier League Charitable fund 10 Year Anniversary Awards.

QPR In the Community Trust are proud to announce and celebrate the amazing achievements of the nominees for the Premier League Charitable Fund’s (PLCF) 10-year Anniversary awards.

Millions of people have benefited from these funds and the area of west London is no different, with QPR in the Community Trust proud to have delivered a whole host of different community projects, as a result of the Premier League Charitable fund.

The PLCF 10-year anniversary awards are a celebration of the incredible impact of football clubs in their local communities over the last decade.

The Premier League charitable fund was established 10 years and have since helped 110 professional football clubs from the Premier League to the National League help working in their local communities, providing positive pathways and support for mental and physical wellbeing.

Our winners list:

  • Premier League Primary Stars – Facilitator Winner - Ramandeep Dole
  • Premier League Primary Stars – Participant Winner - Lara
  • Premier League Kicks – Facilitator Winner - Carlos Husbands
  • Premier League Kicks – Participant Winner - Ayoub
  • Premier League Inspires – Facilitator Winner - Louis Levin
  • Premier League Inspires – Participant Winner - Roaa AL Hawrani
  • Transformational Journey – Participant Winner - Rhia Benjamin

Ramandeep Dole:

Ram began his journey with Premier League Primary stars in August 2017, with a huge skill set. Ram alongside the teachers is an inspiring coach and mentor. Helping schools and teachers in delivering PE to the local community. He has also worked alongside other staff to help improve their mentoring skills and after three years of hard work it’s clear to see that huge effect he has had in the schools he has worked in.

In 2019 Ram was promoted to Primary Stars Co-ordinator, a role which has shone in. He has championed inclusion and diversity and has regenerated resources and supported schools and young people in new ways. His development is a sign of the hard work and commitment to development for the Premier League Primary Stars for QPR in the Community Trust, becoming an integral part of our team.


Having grown up with selective mutism, Lara is now beginning to find her voice both on and off the pitch – with regular football sessions playing a huge part in this. As a result, Lara is now starting to communicate more with her teachers and starting to find her voice in her own environment. 


Lara has used the Premier League Primary Stars initiative and the power of football to give her the much-needed confidence boost she needed to progress, both in and out of the classroom. 

Carlos Husbands:

From the Metropolitan Police Force, QPR in the Community Trust have formed a great working relationship with Carlos and as a result have been able to run two free football sessions on a weekly basis around the local community. One of the sessions caters for all young people, at a local estate. Whilst the second session is specifically targeted at Under 17 girls, that have been made known to the local police, via youth clubs etc.

As a result, we came together to find ways in which we could continue to cater to each individual and collective needs of the North Kensington community. In this time, we have seen a weekly average of 75 young people across both sessions. We have also run a level 1 football coaching course, which supported 3 young men to attain the qualification, with two of them now actual working with QPR as Football coaches.

We have also been able to produce multiple crime and work workshops, as well as supporting individual young people through various means. Without Carlos’ willingness to go above and beyond to support the local community, it would’ve been difficult to achieve the success we have.


Over the last two years, Ayoub has really found himself and his passion for football. Whilst quite an introvert person, he has quietly been asserting himself in his peer group. Despite the local Kicks session becoming somewhat of a popular session throughout North Kensington, Ayoub hasn’t always welcomed opportunities to develop himself personally. However, with our encouragement he has been able to step out of his shell and speak his mind.

Ayoub now shapes the beginning of the sessions, where he checks for any issues, ultimately giving the environment a lot more of an inclusive feel. He has become a pioneer in good attitude and development in his session, something which has further cemented his status and standing within the diverse and broad group.

Louis Levin:

A token of Louis’ success is the School Within a School (SWS) Programme, established in 2018, the in-school Alternative Provision has helped reduce exclusion rates at one of our local schools. As the SWS programme enters its second year of existence, Louis is now expanding his project to north London.

Many have noticed Louis fantastic relationship with the children he works with. His great sense of humour, his story telling and his openness about his previous struggles has made him very popular with the students.

Throughout the lockdown period, Louis continued to shine with daily SWS check-in sessions, as well as going above and beyond to ensure the most vulnerable of students received food packages and vouchers – helping to relax the most heightened anxieties.

Roaa Al Hawrani:

When we first met Roaa, she was forever getting into trouble at school. However, throughout the year the number of behaviour points she accumulated decreased fairly dramatically.

Since becoming part of the Premier League Inspires project, she has channelled her energy into sport and mentoring younger students. Prior to lockdown she assisted us with coaching and KS3 lunchtime check-in sessions.

Throughout lockdown Roaa has continued to show great work and displayed great maturity and mentoring qualities. Since the schools return she has had made a fantastic start to Year 11 and has been a pleasure to work with.

Rhia Benjamin:

During her time with us, Rhia has made the transformation from a participant to our Kicks facilitator.

Coming from an area that typified as disadvantaged, she has used her disadvantages as a positive, giving her the motivation to push her through the stages of participants to facilitator and her story is something to behold.

She has worked with partnership with you young people/peers, the police and others to support young people with the societal challenges they face. Her similar background to many give her the experience to help them through their journey and has helped develop a positive and supportive relationship with each other and their community.

From everyone here at QPR in the Community Trust, congratulations and well done on your fantastic awards.