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QPR Trust volunteer gets FA recognition

QPR Trust volunteer Dean Samson has been recognised by the FA for his work.

Dean was named Volunteer of the Year runner-up at the 2016 Middlesex FA Annual Presentation Evening, which took place at Rayners Lane Football Club last Friday.

Dean also accepted the Charter Standard League of the Year accolade on behalf of the Middlesex County PAN Disability League.

Nathan Horder, QPR’s Inclusive Projects Officer, told “I have known Dean for a number of years, even outside of QPR, and he has always been passionate about the game, first on to the training pitch and the last one to leave.

“Dean is a big part of our Inclusive Projects. He attends two sessions a week as a player, and three sessions a week as a volunteer coach.

“We are all delighted for him.”

Conor McBrearty, QPR’s Inclusive Projects Manager, added: “To get such recognition by the Middlesex FA is a great achievement for Dean.

“Everyone at QPR in the Community Trust appreciates the incredible commitment that Dean has shown over the last five years.”

Congratulations, Dean!