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Rob Mont: NCS has been great

AFTER spending two weeks with our NCS Keep Doing Good programme in the summer, www.qpr.co.uk spoke to participant Rob Mont about what we enjoyed about the programme and what made him want to sign up to QPR’s NCS summer project.

Before signing up for NCS with the R’s, Rob spent a lot of time focusing on himself and this period of reflection allowed the youngster to want to make a difference and ensure that his summer wasn’t wasted.

This lead him to QPR and our NCS summer programme. “The programme was a great opportunity for me do something for myself and for others.

“During lockdown, I realised that I wanted to become a lot more socially active, with things such as the internet and devices it is very easy to just sit at home not really doing much, but NCS made me come out of that comfort zone and physically engage with people with was great.

“The programme itself has had some huge and valuable benefits, other than the most obvious one being that I was able to engage with people on a personal level again after such a long time locked away. I was also able to develop my own skills, including; managerial and budgeting skills which we learnt in the workshops.

“But I have to say the most enjoyable and rewarding element of the project was the social action plan, which meant we had to find ways to improve the community.

I now know that from the simple act of volunteering to help do such basic things— such as gardening, renovation, food distribution, etc — can have an impact on my community and I wouldn’t hesitate to do something like this ever again.”

Before starting the programme, Rob’s parents were a tad uneasy about him participating in the programme, due to the potential risks posed by COVID-19, but after seeing all the protocols put in place by our NCS team on the first day, he was a lot more confident.

“My parents were a bit unsure about me going to the programme, but after the first day I felt very safe thanks to the work which carried out by the QPR team.

QPR’s NCS project officer Sarah Da Silva Sabrosa, hailed the programme a success by telling www.qpr.co.uk: “It’s been so rewarding, to see how important these programmes are to the participants and the local community.

“To hear Rob’s nice comments on the project, is very rewarding. But to come out of lockdown and be able to make a positive impact on so many lives is an even better feeling.

“Myself and the QPR NCS Team have really enjoyed creating a unique experience in giving young people an opportunity to help better the local community.

To get involved in our next programme in Autumn please email [email protected] for more information.


“The programme itself has had some huge benefits, including helping improve the local community."

Rob Mont