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Sleep out at Loftus Road with YMCA

QPR in the Community Trust will join forces with YMCA West London for a joint fundraising 'Sleep Out' at Loftus Road later this month.

The event will take place on March 31st at Loftus Road stadium, from 8.00pm-7.00am, with all proceeds raised from the night split between the two charities.
As part of the night, participants will be able to watch Derby County versus QPR and get a behind-the-scenes tour of Loftus Road.
The Sleep Out will see participants spend a night sleeping rough in the Loftus Road concourses, to raise awareness of homelessness.
Sleep Out doesn’t aim to replicate homelessness, but it does show you some of the realities – the biting cold, the damp, the noise and the difficulty of carrying on your day with little sleep.
Nearly 1,000 people slept rough in London on a single night in Autumn 2016, according to government figures - it's more than doubled in the last five years.
The Trust and YMCA West London tackle the downward spiral of 'no job leading to homelessness' for two very vulnerable groups.
QPR Work Force helps ex-service personnel get closer to employment.
QPR Community Trust's Education & Employability Officer, Jack Kelley, told "Many bear the hidden wounds sustained on the battlefield after fighting for our country, and much of the programme focuses on emotional support to move forward from this. We have good links with local employers too."
For a young person with no qualifications or family support, chances of getting and keeping a job are minimal. 16-25-year-old's with no job may find themselves sleeping rough.
Funds raised will enable YMCA West London's Employability programme to give more young people the tools and support they need to break the 'no job, no home' cycle.
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