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Wheeler on Wednesday: Already feeling at home

QPR’s David Wheeler will be writing a guest column fortnightly on the official website this season. Totally unedited and in his own words here’s David’s first piece.


I feel it is only fair to give warning to anyone reading this, my first column at QPR, that I have a habit of discussing topics in the news and political world which may bore, frustrate, antagonise, and aggravate.

For anyone that uses football and the R’s as a form of escapism, I apologise for dragging you back into the progressively ridiculous political world that we now live in. To ease the pain I will generally start my columns by discussing our latest performances on the pitch first, and colour it in with any particularly interesting points of discussion, before delving into the murky waters of politics. For now, just the beautiful game.

Thank you

I’d like to begin by thanking everyone associated with QPR for the warm welcome I’ve received since joining from Exeter. Like in any walk of life, switching jobs can be a challenging and stressful experience, however I am pleased to say that my transition has been relatively smooth and am already feeling at home here in west London.

I was overjoyed when I signed for such an illustrious club as QPR, and immensely flattered that the club, to coin a phrase I’ve heard a lot already, ‘took a punt on a lad from the lower leagues’. If it is any consolation to any fans who were hoping for a more ‘marquee’ signing, when I joined Exeter I was a student from non-league with a wealth of experience in and around the relegation zone. I like to think that things turned out alright with the Grecians, and I aim to continue to create many positive memories now I’m playing for the Hoops.

Last season was definitely the most enjoyable season of my career. Scoring a goal in a final at Wembley is something I’ll always cherish, but coming away without a promotion was a terrible shame considering the journey we’d had. From now until I hang up my boots I’ll strive to recreate that experience, with the obvious correction of clearing the final hurdle!

First goal

It was a proud moment for me to get my first Championship start on Saturday, and it couldn’t really have got off to a better start when I managed to poke the ball home inside two minutes. Unfortunately, the resolve of a strong Middlesbrough side was not shaken and we were forced to make the long trip back empty handed despite a good performance. It should be noted that their victory was aided somewhat be a highly contentious decision from the officials, whereby the host’s third goal appeared to go out of play in the build up. The old adage is that it evens out over the course of the season. Hopefully fairer results are around the corner with video reviews pending.   

Like I’m sure is the case for many readers, my boyhood dream was to play in the Premier League. As I have got older, I have experienced and appreciated the joy of being part of a cohesive team and a successful league campaign. The dream each season now is to be part of a team that earns promotion or wins the league. I am excited by the prospect that both dreams could be realised with QPR, and I sincerely hope this is the case when the last whistle blows on the final day.