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ON WHAT is the fifth anniversary of the Grenfell fire, QPR continue to pay our respects and remember all those who were affected by the tragedy.

Throughout the last five years, QPR in the Community Trust - along with the football club - have supported the local area with numerous different initiatives, most recently the Grenfell Memorial Cup which was hosted at our very own Loftus Road.

Grenfell United and Grenfell Silent Walk also have their own plans for the local area to commemorate the latest anniversary of the fire, including a multi-faith service.

Trust CEO Andy Evans has reflected on the last five years and the work the Trust continues to do in the North Kensington area.

He explained: “As an organisation since the fire we have continued to support the whole community.

“Obviously those affected directly have been impacted most, but the wider community as well have been impacted in some shape or form. I think we’ve maintained our support and presence in the North Kensington area throughout the last five years.

“At times, when the survivors and bereaved have wanted our direct support, we have done what we can, resulting in the recent Grenfell Memorial Cup which was probably the biggest thing we have done in terms of an event for the community since the Game 4 Grenfell five years ago.

“What we have managed to do and maintain is having staff on the ground working in that community every day, we have some dedicated Trust staff who work with a whole range of different groups, organisations and charities who are all doing some amazing work in the North Kensington area.

“A lot of that goes unseen in terms of mentoring people, supporting groups, providing regular training sessions and opportunities through the club and the wider work we do at the Trust. Then obviously we have done the more public stuff - none more so than the event here where we had all those organisations that we try to support and work with coming to the stadium a few weeks ago.”

Saturday 21st May 2022 saw Loftus Road hosting the Grenfell Memorial Cup in what was a memorable occasion for our local community.

As we continue to remember the 72 victims and all those affected by the Grenfell Tower five years ago, the R’s were joined by more than 4,000 local people who enjoyed the wonderful event which ran throughout the day in W12.

Andy added: “I think what was important for the Grenfell Memorial Cup day was that it was a chance for the community to actually come and celebrate, obviously they wanted to remember those that were lost but they also wanted a day to come together and celebrate the good things about that part of west London.

“So to have all the different teams that have come out of the tragedy, all the different organisations, the individuals that have done amazing work play in the games - for everyone to come together as a community was great.

“A lot of the survivors and the bereaved were saying was it was nice to come together, play football and have some fun, they don’t often get to do that when they meet up as a group it’s obviously heavy. Whereas the day here on the pitch was all about getting out there and having a game of football and enjoying themselves.”